Celebrity Camper: Tom Williams

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3. Did you camp in a caravan or a tent?

Tents were normally the choice, caravanning was seen to be a lot more luxurious and would come in later years.

4. Tell us about some of your favourite camping memories.

My favourite camping experience was on the Inca Trail in Peru on the way to Machu Picchu, this was a childhood dream come true. I loved ancient history at school and always wanted to visit these cultures. Seven years as a host on The Great Outdoors was my gift to see these places. I did a lot of camping and adventure stuff on the show, but The Inca Trail was always going to be the mecca. Four days and nights of walking and climbing stairs, the path laid by the Inca as they fled from the vicious Spanish Conquistadors who wanted all their gold. The survival of these extraordinary people is an education in itself. And to walk the trail and listen to the stories told by our guides was fascinating. Centuries old, will power and sheer determination of a race and culture determined to save themselves was incredible. Without doubt the best experience on the road I ever had.

5. Any not so favourite camping memories or experiences?

Anytime it rains and that would happen often with me. The time my tent got raided at the Reading Festival in England in 1995 was memorable. During a wet and wild weekend of rock n roll, dry clothes became a hot item and I got robbed of my final days best…never mind the music was worth it. Now I’ve upgraded to the caravan for music festival accommodation, theft is a thing of the past – comfy beds and private hot showers are the new black!

Splendour in the Grass is my favourite festival on the calendar, and camping and caravanning is the only way to go. When you get a little older like me you need these creature comforts on a large weekend like this. You can have friends over for breakfast or a late night cocktail and rain will only be your enemy walking around of the festival. Make sure you get yourselves some like-minded neighbours when parking the caravan at the festival. While the days are hot and required plenty of refreshments, the nights can be long, especially if you are parked next to the all-nighters… so choose your neighbours carefully!

tom _no _shirt dancing with the Stars

  1. Do you have any camping tips? Must do’s and don’ts?

Torches and more torches, they will always let you down so pack plenty and don’t be caught in the dark.

  1. Do you still like to get out and explore Australia?  If so, what’s on your camping location wish list?

I would love to see more of the Kimberley Region. I’ve done lots and probably the best parts like the Bungle Bungles. It’s the most insane place and I truly love it. Sadly my wife is NOT a camper, nor is she much of an explorer, so I will hopefully do these with my mates or our kids when they are old enough.

I’ve always believed in seeing our spectacular country and investing in our tourism. I like to think that I’ve contributed plenty in encouraging folks to get out and see Australia. Sure I was lucky enough that someone else paid for it, but the experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met will live with me forever. Being a traveller and being Australian is your international passport to conversation anywhere you will go in the world, I’ve never met a person who wasn’t interested in our country and all the wonder it brings.

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