Celebrity Camper: Adam Harvey

Article by · 27 May 2017 ·

When it comes to enjoying a drink and good yarn beside the campfire, there’s probably no bigger fan than country music star Adam Harvey.

In a recording and touring career spanning over two decades he’s seen Australia from top to bottom yet still hungers for more time sleeping under the stars and enjoying nature.

Adam lives at Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast with wife Kathy, son Conway and daughter Leylah.

Where did you go for camping holidays when you were young?

I used to go camping on the Murray River at Moama when I was around 16. My girlfriend had just got her driver’s licence and we used to drive her old Triumph up there from home in Geelong. They were great times just relaxing and fishing on the Murray.

Did you stay in a caravan or a tent?

I’ve always stayed in a tent and have to admit that I’ve always loved it!

What are some of your favourite places to camp and why?

I started camping in the backyard with the kids when they were little. They used to love it and even my wife – who is more keen on five star accommodation and room service – would sleep on a sofa bed in the garage just to be a part of the fun.

Tell us about some of your favourite camping memories.

To be honest I just love getting the kids away from their computers and technology. Both my children love fishing like I do and it’s really nice to catch a feed of fish and then bring them back to the camp and cook them up for dinner. Very rewarding – plus I reckon the fish always taste better when you catch them yourself.


Any not so enjoyable camping memories or experiences?

Rain, rain and more rain. We’ve spent days on end stuck in a tent, and no matter how hard you try to keep this high and dry, everything ends up getting soaked!

I also had a bad experience many years ago with a kangaroo, where it actually attacked my girlfriend. The big buck roo had hold of her and was kicking her with its powerful legs. My poor girlfriend had deep scratches all down her legs and I ended up scratched and bruised trying to get the bloody thing off her!

Do you have any camping tips? Must do’s and don’ts?

Don’t pack too much. Avoid the urge to pack everything but the kitchen sink, you won’t use half of it. It’s fun to work together with the kids and think of ways to get things done without the old usual tools available.

Where’s next on your camping wish list?

I would love to take the kids across to WA and camp up in the Kimberley. I’ve been there on tour and it’s just beautiful. I think camping up there would really help give our children that complete outback experience in such a rugged, but beautiful area.

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