AL-KO Enduro X – First Look

Article by · 8 October 2019 ·

AL-KO, a market leader in highly engineered caravan chassis & components has unveiled the newest member of its independent suspension family – AL-KO Enduro X. It’s calling it “the next generation in independent suspension technology for Australian caravans and camper trailers.”

Most notably, the suspension is a move away from welded box section trailing arms, to a highly engineered, clamshell design. It’s far closer in form and function to what you’d find in an automotive application, rather than on a caravan. The pressed metal trailing arms are also much lighter than traditional caravan arms, but AL-KO is confident they’re stronger, as it’s using them on its flagship off-road product.

AL-KO says the lower unsprung weight delivers handling and performance benefits, whilst automotive grade black eCoat helps ensure rust and chip resistance. Other features include Australian made 4×4 coil springs, maintenance free bushes and integrated tow and camber adjustment.

Really interestingly, the stub axle bolts onto the side of the trailing arm, rather than being welded in. First and foremost, it makes the stub replaceable if it breaks, negating the need to change out an entire arm. This also means the caravans ride height will be adjustable. For the first time the Enduro range will also now include an air suspension option for further enhanced performance.

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